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The company “BRG Brunnen-Regenerierungs-GmbH”, which was founded by two Bavarian well drilling firms and Mr. G. Schweiger back in 1969, was based on the concept of creating the new business areas of well inspection and regeneration. Up to then, the lack of appropriate equipment made it impossible to inspect a well visually and thus obtain information on its operating condition. In case of a drop in efficiency, an expensive new drilling was done. It was this market niche of visual well inspection which this new company expanded into. In 1976, Mr. Schweiger took over all the company’s shares. 

Since Jan. 1st, 2003, well building master Thomas Trätzl has been in charge of the company. The head office was relocated from Munich to Buch am Erlbach. Now, this central head office right in the centre of the geographical working focus of the company BRG makes it possible to render flexible, time-saving and cost-efficient services. 

The reason for establishing the new BRG business premises in 2006 was the growing need for space due to constant growth.     

The technology centre was relocated onto the new storage area in Niedererlbach in 2010. Two warehouses offer sufficient space for storing the tools and equipment of the regeneration division there.