GeoKam® Down hole video
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GeoKam® Down hole video


Digital Imagery Components with the most Advanced Image Optimization Algorithms


  • Pressure (m ax) 10.000 psi / 690bar
  • Temperature 125 °C
  • Tool Diameter (in) 2,25
  • 5Mpx DIGITAL CEMO S Image Sensor
  • 185/360° Field of View
  • 5 HD frames per second
  • 128 G B Memory Capacity in Tool
  • Thread top GO 1 3/16
  • Operating voltage + 105V - 600V DC
  • Length (m ) 1,83
  • Weight in air (k g) 15
  • Vacuum Valve for PCB isolation
  • ℇx II 3G Ex nC T1 explosion proof in accordance with guideline 94/9/EG

185/360° Field of View covering the whole bore; Full downward and side view looking in one seamless Image

The WellViewer software is used on all cameras, giving you the best post processed

GeoKam® Surface Read Out an Logging Datasheet

For operations on electrical wireline the DC-DC module will provide constant power for the GeoKam® and the telemetry system transmit data communication during operation.


Topside DC Power Supplies

  • Model SL600-5.5/UI
  • Max output Voltage 600 Vdc
  • Max output current 2.5 Amps
  • Max Power 1.5Kw
  • Supply voltage 85265 Vac 1 phase
  • Runnable with tractor systems Topside Telemetry/Modem Unit

Topside Telemetry/Modem Unit

  • Adaptive equalizer
  • Communication Range 9000 meters
  • Power 110 - 230 Vac
  • Led light when transmitting/receiving data BRG Logging Unit

BRG Logging Unit

  • 4.500m 8,33mm and 6.000m 5,66mm E-Line Logging Unit
  • Rough terrain four-wheel drive
  • Own power supply
  • Flexible Container mounted